How an intelligent food consumption can change our world

»How an intelligent food consumption can change our world

“With our daily behaviour of food consumption, we are changing our world. A major part of the CO2 food-print is made by modern meat production. If everyone of us changes a bit, it`s a huge step to less CO2 emission and for a better world for us and our children.“ In this Slot I will show you my start up case, why I have founded KNECKER, how I did it and what are my next steps and my future goal. In the discussion I want to get your input and opinion to my thoughts, I am searching for future Partners, Consumers, Consultants and Inspiration.


Anne has founded, after two years of development, the KNECKER GmbH, a Food Start up, based in Switzerland. KNECKER has a range of 6 products and is already listed in over 40 Stores all over Switzerland. KNECKERs Products are the world first soda backed Cracker with a plant-based protein rate over 30% without sugar or preservatives. Anne is a studied Dipl. Ing. from TU Berlin, living in Switzerland and a mother of three boys.

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