Social Entrepreneurship – the business of doing good

»Social Entrepreneurship – the business of doing good

Social Entrepreneurship – the business of doing good

Social entrepreneurship is increasingly attracting talent, money, and attention – and might change the face of business in the future. A new generation of entrepreneurs — leveraging economic frameworks to drive social change –  is unleashing new ways of using resources for the public good. In this panel discussion, hosted by ImpAct AG co-chapter Lead Anna Rojan, three inspiring female role models driving social change discuss their take on the concept of social entrepreneurship and sustainable business. Join the disucssion to find out how drinking beer can do good, why the future of business might be focussing on people rather than profits and how purpose driven startups can make the world a better place.

The talk and discussion will be held in English.


Ida is a passionate storyteller and deeply curious about human behaviour. After working in the London and Berlin tech startup scenes, she found her mission: to bring greater social and environmental impact to the business world. Ida founded Becoming Impact, a Berlin-based change agency using communication as their main tool. She works with the world’s most innovative impact startups to grow their customer base, community and credibility – and ultimately, to pave the way for a new normal in business. Her experience ranges from filmmaking and marketing to climate campaigning and social anthropology.


Anja is the Incubation Program Manager at Impact Hub Basel, a world-wide network to support social entrepreneurs and change makers. With a background in policy and development work, Anja believes that social entrepreneurs offer a great way to tackle social and environmental issues. People connecter, passionate about social change and forever curious, she hopes to make the world a little bit better.


Denise Ludwig is the founder and CEO of d:vize – a digital marketing agency. Her vision back then: to close the growing knowledge gap in digital marketing.
In addition to d:vize and to her being a trainer @ Google Zukunftswerkstatt, she always wanted to use her skills for a social project. This dream became 2020 reality with the Social Impact Beer Ludwig’s FŸNF. The social startup was founded in 2020. Ludwig’s FŸNF donates 10 cents per bottle to one of five non-profit organizations.


Being an engineer by education, an inventor by heart and a learner by passion, Anna is inspired by innovative solutions that will change the face of the world for the better. She believes that another way of doing business is possible: from maximizing profits to maximizing societal benefits.  In her role as a Venture Developer at Audi Denkwerkstatt, Audi’s Mobility Incubator, she is asking the right questions and listening carefully, while connecting people and ideas to shape the future of mobility. As the co-chapter lead for FTA’s ImpAct AG she is committed to drive sustainable change – in mindsets, in business and in leadership.


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