Startup – Gründerinnen berichten von ihren Erfahrungen

»Startup – Gründerinnen berichten von ihren Erfahrungen

Startup – Gründerinnen berichten von ihren Erfahrungen

Wolltest du schon immer deine eigene Chefin sein, aber hast den ersten Schritt in die Startup-Welt noch nicht gewagt? Worauf wartest du? Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?! Komm zu unserer Podiumsdiskussion. Eine Hand voll Gründerinnen berichten von ihren Erfahrungen und beantworten all deine Fragen. Lass dich inspirieren und motivieren. Lerne andere Vereinsmitglieder kennen, die ein Unternehmen gründen möchten, tausche dich im Nachgang aus und finde vielleicht eine Mitgründerin, um deine Idee Realität werden zu lassen.

Die Podiumsdiskussion wird moderiert von Femtec Alumna Hannah Koch.


Hanna is one of the three founders of Localyze, a startup that helps companies manage international teams. In the last two years, they have built a team of 20 people, with locations in Germany, Portugal and the U.S.


After finishing her PhD in Information Systems at ETH Zurich, Anselma founded the software startup Exnaton together with two of her former colleagues. The company offers software for local energy communities to utility companies, with the aim to make renewable energy more understandable and more attractive for end-consumers. At Exnaton, Anselma is acting as COO and is in charge of data analytics.


Anne Richter is a studied Engineer, an entrepreneur and mother of three boys. She is living in Switzerland and has founded the KNECKER GmbH, a Food Start up. KNECKERs Products are the world first soja backed Cracker with a plant based protein rate over 30% without sugar or preservatives. Anne’s target is to lower the worldwide CO2 emissions, food is the next topic where a change of our behavior will have a huge impact in our personal CO2 food print.


Katharina is Co-Founder & CEO of Pointless Travel. She came up with the idea behind Pointless Travel when she took a sabbatical during her career as strategy consultant, reflecting on today’s business travel philosophy. Before going into strategy consulting, Katharina studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich and University of Michigan and was acting as project manager at the student consultancy ETH juniors. She is passionate about inspiring other women to embark on an entrepreneurial journey as well as being the best employer to her team and herself.


Dr. Naja von Schmude is co-founder and CTO of Peregrine Technologies ( where she shapes the development of Peregrine’s computer vision based products to empower commercial fleets and mobility services to operate safely and efficiently. Naja holds a PhD from Heidelberg University in computer science with a focus on computer vision applications in robotics and autonomous driving. She has 5 years of experience in R&D at Bosch in Germany and Palo Alto, US. Before founding Peregrine, she led TomTom’s localization ambitions in the autonomous driving research unit as senior software engineer.

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